Prof. Dr. rer.-nat. Friedemann Kiefer

CRC 1607 | Prof. Dr. rer.-nat. Friedemann Kiefer

University of Münster
European Institute of Molecular Pathology (EIMI)
Röntgenstraße 16, 48149 Münster
+49 251 83 39602


Project leader

Scientific career

2021 – Debuty spokesperson CRC 1450

2021 – Coordinator IRTG “Multiscale Imaging” CRC 1450

2021 IZKF Münster, elected member of the board

2019 – present Appointed member of the FWO (Brussels) Expert panel Bio1: Molecular and Cellular Biology

2019 – present Editorial board member Journal of Vascular Research

2017 – present Professor for Intravital Molecular Imaging, European Institute for Molecular Imaging, University of Münster

2017- 2022 Elected council member, European Vascular Biology Organisation (EVBO)

2017 – 2019 Treasurer, European Vascular Biology Organisation (EVBO)

2016 – 2022 Member of the animal ethics committee Münster, appointed by LANUV NRW

2006 – present Head of transgenic services, MPI for Molecular Biomedicine Münster

2006 – 2016 Member of the Faculty of 1000, division of cell biology

2006 – 2008 Secretary of the German Society for Cell Biology (DGZ)

2002 – 2017 Research group leader, Mammalian Cell Signaling Laboratory, MPI for Molecular Biomedicine, Münster

1998 – 2002 Principal investigator, Dept. of Molecular Cell Biology, MPI for Physiological and Clinical Research, Bad Nauheim

1996 – 1998 Postdoctoral researcher (with Prof. Dr. Tony Pawson), Samuel Lunenfeld Research

Institute / Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Canada

1993 – 1996 Postdoctoral researcher (with Prof. Dr. N.N. Iscove), Ontario Cancer Institute, Toronto, Canada


Selected publications

  1. Bauer, N, Maisuls, I, Pereira Da Graca, A, Reinhardt, D, Erapaneedi, R, Kirschnick, N, Schafers, M, Grashoff, C, Landfester, K, Vestweber, D, Strassert, CA and Kiefer, F. Genetically encoded dual fluorophore reporters for graded oxygen-sensing in light microscopy. Biosens Bioelectron 2023;221:114917.
  2. Bobe, S, Beckmann, D, Klump, DM, Dierkes, C, Kirschnick, N, Redder, E, Bauer, N, Schafers, M, Erapaneedi, R, Risse, B, Van De Pavert, SA and Kiefer, F. Volumetric imaging reveals VEGF-C-dependent formation of hepatic lymph vessels in mice. Front Cell Dev Biol 2022;10:949896.
  3. Hagerling, R, Hoppe, E, Dierkes, C, Stehling, M, Makinen, T, Butz, S, Vestweber, D and Kiefer, F. Distinct roles of VE-cadherin for development and maintenance of specific lymph vessel beds. EMBO J 2018;37(22).
  4. Hagerling, R, Drees, D, Scherzinger, A, Dierkes, C, Martin-Almedina, S, Butz, S, Gordon, K, Schafers, M, Hinrichs, K, Ostergaard, P, Vestweber, D, Goerge, T, Mansour, S, Jiang, X, Mortimer, PS and Kiefer, F. VIPAR, a quantitative approach to 3D histopathology applied to lymphatic malformations. JCI Insight 2017;2(16).
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  9. Bohmer, R, Neuhaus, B, Buhren, S, Zhang, D, Stehling, M, Bock, B and Kiefer, F. Regulation of developmental lymphangiogenesis by Syk(+) leukocytes. Dev. Cell 2010;18(3):437-449
  10. Kiefer, F, Brumell, J, Al-Alawi, N, Latour, S, Cheng, A, Veillette, A, Grinstein, S and Pawson, T. The Syk protein tyrosine kinase is essential for Fcgamma receptor signaling in macrophages and neutrophils. Mol. Cell Biol 1998;18(7):4209-4220.