Prof. Dr. rer.-nat. Margarete Odenthal

CRC 1607 | Prof. Dr. rer.-nat. Margarete Odenthal

Institute for Pathology
University Hospital Cologne
Kerpener Str. 62,
50937 Cologne, Germany
+49 221 478 38364


Project leader

Scientific career

since 2018 Academic Editor for “Cancers”

since 2017 Mentor in the International Female Scholar Program at the University of Cologne and the Tandem Mentoring Program at the RWTH Aachen

since 2012Member of the European Association of Cancer Research (EACR

2011- present Head of the Laboratory of Translational Research at the Institute for Pathology (University Hospital of Cologne), Germany

since 2011 Member of the European Society of Pathology (ESP)

2002 – 2010 Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Diagnostics at the Institute for Pathology (University Hospital of Cologne) Germany

since 2009 Member of the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Gen-Diagnostik” (AGD)

since 2007 Member of the European Association for the Study of the Liver

1999 – 2002 CEO of the Santron AG: Transistor based diagnostic microarrays

1996 – 2002 Research associate at the Institute for Pathology (University of Cologne)

since 1991 Member of the German Association for the Study of the Liver

1990 – 1996 Research associate at the I. Medical Department and the Institute for Pathology at the University of Mainz, Germany

Prizes and honors

2004 Falk Foundation Award

2002 Award of Cologne for Innovative Ideas (FET Sensor with a specially configured gate electrode for highly sensitive detection of DNA; PCT/DE2002/004594)

2000 Award of North Rhine Westphalia for the Patent (Gene expression, genome alteration and reporter expression in myofibroblasts and myofibroblast-like cells, PCT/US1999/024972).

Selected publications

  1. Yu X, N Elfimova, M Muller, D Bachurski, et al. I Mannaerts, and M Odenthal. Autophagy-Related Activation of Hepatic Stellate Cells Reduces Cellular miR-29a by Promoting Its Vesicular Secretion.Cell Mol Gastroenterol Hepatol 2022 13(6): 1701-1716
  2. Wu F, J Fan, Y He, A Xiong, J Yu, Y Li, Y Zhang, W Zhao, F Zhou, W Li, J Zhang, X Zhang, M Qiao, G Gao, S Chen, X Chen, X Li, L Hou, C Wu, C Su, S Ren,M Odenthal, R Buettner, N Fang, and C Zhou. Single-cell profiling of tumor heterogeneity and the microenvironment in advanced non-small cell lung cancer.Nat Commun2021 12(1): 2540.
  3. Howell J, SR Atkinson, DJ Pinato, S Knapp, C Ward, R Minisini, ME Burlone, M Leutner, M Pirisi, R Buttner, SA Khan, M Thursz,M Odenthal, and R Sharma. Identification of mutations in circulating cell-free tumour DNA as a biomarker in hepatocellular carcinoma.Eur J Cancer 2019 116: 56-66.shared corresponding authorship
  4. Macheleidt IF, PS Dalvi, R Buttner, and M Odenthal. Preclinical studies reveal that LSD1 inhibition results in tumor growth arrest in lung adenocarcinoma independently of driver mutations. Mol Oncol 2018 12(11): 1965-1979.
  5. Anadol E, R Schierwagen, N Elfimova, K Tack, C Schwarze-Zander, H Eischeid, A Noetel, C Boesecke, C Jansen, L Dold, JC Wasmuth, CP Strassburg, U Spengler, JK Rockstroh, M Odenthal, and J Trebicka. Circulating microRNAs as a marker for liver injury in human immunodeficiency virus patients.Hepatology 2015 61(1): 46-55. shared corresponding authorship
  6. Odenthal M, E Bollschweiler, PP Grimminger, W Schroder, J Brabender, U Drebber, AH Holscher, R Metzger, and D Vallbohmer. MicroRNA profiling in locally advanced esophageal cancer indicates a high potential of miR-192 in prediction of multimodality therapy response. Int J Cancer 2013 133(10): 2454-63.
  7. Trebicka J, E Anadol, N Elfimova, I Strack, M Roggendorf, S Viazov, I Wedemeyer, U Drebber, J Rockstroh, T Sauerbruch, HP Dienes, and M Odenthal. Hepatic and serum levels of miR-122 after chronic HCV-induced fibrosis. J Hepatol 2013 58(2): 234-9.
  8. Noetel A, N Elfimova, J Altmuller, C Becker, D Becker, W Lahr, P Nurnberg, H Wasmuth, A Teufel, R Buttner, HP Dienes, and M Odenthal. Next generation sequencing of the Ago2 interacting transcriptome identified chemokine family members as novel targets of neuronal microRNAs in hepatic stellate cells. J Hepatol 2013 58(2): 335-41.
  9. Noetel A, M Kwiecinski, N Elfimova, J Huang, and M Odenthal. microRNA are Central Players in Anti- and Profibrotic Gene Regulation during Liver Fibrosis. Front Physiol 2012 3: 49.
  10. Varnholt H, U Drebber, F Schulze, I Wedemeyer, P Schirmacher, HP Dienes, and M Odenthal. MicroRNA gene expression profile of hepatitis C virus-associated hepatocellular carcinoma.Hepatology 2008 47(4): 1223-32.


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